Rated G

Content Warning: These stories are written for general audiences.

Title: The Ground and the Sky

Author: Jude Bobbitt

Summary: A timeless fable

Once, on a humid winter day in the beautiful countryside of Wyoming, the Sky was basking humbly in beams of light portrayed on him by the setting sun. All the many townsfolk of the countryside sat on their porches and gazed up at the Sky in wonder. Now the Sky was old and weak, so he did not hear the Ground's moans of despair until he recognized the rivers running rapidly with the Grounds' tears.


“Why do you cry, old friend?” asked the Sky.


“The townsfolk look up at you in awe!” the Ground sobbed, “but they look down at me with disgust, for the melting snow is soaking me by the minute! Am I not worthy of their attention?” he inquired.


The Sky felt the Ground’s sorrow, and he comforted him until eventually the tears began to cease.


Now the Ground was still in his youth, so he did not realize that spring was heading their way, and he would soon be elegant and adorned with a plethora of wildflowers! The Sky realized that when this happened though, he would inevitably be obscured and shrouded by clouds, so he tried his best to prevent it. He told the sun to leave so the snow would not melt, he ordered the clouds to flee so that it would not rain, and he blew a sturdy breath and caused the snow to harden. Now the word spread quickly of what the Sky was doing.


The Eagle heard the Sky, who told the Rabbit, who told the Mole. Now when the Mole was burrowing into the earth, the Ground heard the Mole telling his family about what the Sky was doing.  “My family! The Rabbit has brung word that the Sky is trying to prevent spring!” he said.


“Ah, yes I have seen a mighty wind and a large crowd of crows to complain about it!” The Ground did not believe what he had heard until he looked up to the Sky and saw none of the Clouds, no Sun, but he did see a mighty wind. The Ground finally saw the Sky’s true and unruly zeal.

The Sky gazed down and saw his look of apparent unbelief. “I am truly sorry, I am. But I believe this is the way it has to be. Evidently, there has never been a circumstance where the Ground is more beautiful than the Sky. Never!”


The Ground became undescribably hurt in this moment because, for his whole life, the Sky had comforted and loved him like a father. When the next day came, The Ground's tears flooded the countryside terribly. The Sky was still in a deep slumber, so he did not know what had happened overnight. Boulders began to topple, trees began to uproot, and a great feeling of trepidation had fallen over the townsfolk. At this time, the Sky began to wake and see his work.


He smiled triumphantly at the Ground because he was less beautiful than him now more than ever. “I am more wonderful than anyone now, Ground! You will never come close to this!” the Sky bellowed.


The Ground looked up sadly at his old friend and curiously, his weeping ceased. “Sky.” he said, “You're right.” The Ground began to wash himself with the frigid and icy water of the river until the snow hardened so much, he was now completely covered in it. At this, The Sky's heart finally broke. The Ground had given up in love, while he had succeeded in hate and envy. He looked around to see what he had done, and he wept day and night. When he stopped, he asked the sun to melt away the snow from the Ground and ordered spring to come.


When the Ground woke, he looked up at the Sky and asked, “What are you doing?”


At this, the Sky wavered before saying, “Trying to love.” From that day on, the Sky and the Ground became like a Father and Son to each other, and their friendship was more powerful than any other.

The End.

Moral: An act of pure love can transform the unlovely.