Mystics and Other Creatures

The world of Druidawn is filled with many beautiful and scary creatures. From hulking, intelligent dragons to your every day common, domestic pets.


by Molly Torinus

A Possessor is a disembodied spirit of the Shadow Realm that inhabits the mind of one dyaden at a time and silently speaks to them. (This is not full-on possession! The person still has control over their actions and thoughts. The Possessor merely generates thoughts. For this reason, Possessors are often mistaken for intrusive thoughts and delusions, and are very confusing to people concerned with mental health.)


A Possessor can move between the minds of two people when they have physical contact, or communicate in some way (mind-speak, a written letter, and possession all count). Most Possessors have a lifespan of 20 years, and will die if not inhabiting a body. If two Possessors inhabit the same body, they may mate and give birth to another Possessor, which leaves the body after three months. (Possessors take on the gender identities and sexual orientations of the first person they have possessed, and this may affect who they want to partner with.)


Possessors often befriend other Possessors, but don’t bond with beings of other kinds except for those they have possessed. Possessors who are friends or partners can also communicate without the knowledge of the dyaden they posess.


They are morally neutral at the start of their lives, but once one lives in someone’s mind for a while, it takes on some of their traits and helps them in their aims. For example, if a Possessor inhabits someone kind and generous for about a year, it may become more like that person and give them advice, even entering the minds of their enemies for them. If this Possessor changes bodies, it may retain some of those traits for a while. When a Possessor transitions between bodies, it usually takes the form of a slightly stronger variant of the weather (in a rainstorm, a Possessor is a lighting strike).