Welcome to the Druidawn Guilds Page. You'll find several guilds here that your characters can refer to and join in your actual online game.


With most guilds you will have to prove yourself a reliable and worthy addition, by undertaking a handful of easy quests so the leaders can ascertain your potential, before they throw you into something way more challenging that poses a greater risk to yourself and whatever type of asset you may be acquiring.


The Blackhoods are an ancestral group of primarily assassins and thieves. These individuals are supremely different from the Thieves Guild.


The Blackhoods are more selective about who is chosen to join their ranks and you may be disappointed with the role you are given. If you pass the initiation period, and depending on your skills, you may be selected for either an assassin, thief or strategic planning role. 

They do not tolerate failure of any kind. 


Druidawns pirates are as old as the Blackhoods and their biggest rivals. These two groups have been at war for thousands of years. 


Though known to be quite cutthroat in their dealings with pirating ships and small costal towns, some pirates do have a code of honour. 

Should you wish to join their ranks, and depending on which pirate company you wish to join, you will have to demonstrate a level of ruthlessness and charisma. Most successful pirates have an innate ability to persuade and charm their way out of even the most dire situations. 


If you enjoy stealing and planning intricate heists then this is the guild for you! The Thieves Guild is somewhat selective about who they chose to join their ranks, but if you prove yourself and pass the initiation period, there are many perks to enjoy.

They have an impressive ranking system that comes with prestigious rewards and benefits. The more successful you are at climbing those ranks, the larger your return of the profits will be, and you'll have the freedom to chose your own jobs and assemble your own team to work with you.

The guild only has three rules: never get caught, never kill, and don't betray the guild.


If you are unfortunate to cross paths with a Vampire, they will likely survey you as food. Rarely do vampires decide to turn people as it comes with a lot of responsibility and most vampires are too self indulgent to want to take the time to become a maker.


As a rule, Elder Vampires tend to determine when a new vampire will join their ranks and who  will turn them. If a vampire choses to turn someone without following the Elder's rules, they will likely lose favour with them, and depending on the circumstances, may be forced out of the guild or worse, killed.

The process isn't as painful as becoming a werewolf but you do lose your soul and humanity. During the early stages of vampirism, the need to feed will be insatiable, and if not cared for by a maker, this can have dire consequences. These vampires will just kill whatever living being they come across and may even try to risk sunlight exposure in order to seize prey.  


Werewolves like many creatures are common all across Druidawn. They, like any of the the other guilds have a hierarchy. The largest werewolf population can be found in The Swamps of Decay, but don't seek them out, werewolves tend to pick those they want to inflict with lycanthropy.


Like Vampires, becoming a werewolf is a long and arduous process. The transformation is painful and requires an obscene amount of strength to endure it.  In a strange way, the inflictor, basically becomes a parent. The lycanthrope curse requires a lot of nurturing and training in order for the new werewolf to get to grips with the monster they will become. Being reared and brought into a pack will make them smarter hunters. 


Those of weak mind and spirit will succumb to their animal instincts faster and more easily and will hunt without the added protections of a pack. In general they will live their lives more recklessly.


By the order of Lord Malikaar, Sark was instructed to create a guild. The Shadow Realm ruler has not been thrilled by this assignment, finding it too time consuming and nitpicky! He has been restructuring and refining his guild.


With strict orders form his Lord, he may only recruit daemons or potentials, those with an already dark soul and on the verge of turning their back on the living.


Only daemons may apply....


If you are lucky enough to be selected to partake in Lord Malikaar's guild, make sure you you have no regrets about becoming a part of it as there is no way back to your old life or being reunited with your soul.


Lord Malikaar's guild is extreme, so be prepared to be put through the ropes. Be aware that he does not tolerate failure and he will not hesitate to execute you by way of slow evisceration or  painful obliteration.