Famous NPC's

Welcome to the famous NPC page. Here you will find a group of interesting and unique individuals. They may not be Overlords or Royalty, but some of them have saved the day in their own right. As fellow adventurers, feel free to include these in your own adventures around Druidawn. Just ask your Legend Guardian

Name: Allinon         Age: 724

Race:   Tuathan       Place of Birth: Metamorphia               Time Period: AO

Bio: Allinon is Lord Raytor's head wizard. He is in charge of magical protections around Lord Raytor's many abodes, in particular Raytor's Reach, and Raytor's Castle in Hades Portal. What needs protecting you might ask? Well, Lord Raytor has been entrusted with several powerful and game changing items, whch he could at any time use to his advantage but he chooses not to. This is where Allinon comes in. The former Caverns of Aquarius wizard, has worked with Lord Raytor for over 200 years now, and his been highy rewarded for his loyalty and discretion.

Allinon also trains Raytor's Tuathans, necromancers, and excommunicated daemons, ensuring Lord Raytor has a resourceful, competent army that can contend with certain threats, especially those on the horizon from Lord Vanderis.

Name: Lord Malikaar        Age: Ancient

Race:   Daemon                   Place of Birth: Axiadore.               Time Period: All

Bio: Lord Malikaar is a dangerous individual and a threat to all who reside on Druidawn. When Lord Sark summoned him during the Overlord trials, he had no idea that this menace would not only change his life, forever, but that he would inflict misery on so many, especially his sister, Riann. 

Lord Malikaar's soul desire is to rid Druidawn of its Overlords. However, a wrinkle in his plan arose when the gods returned to Druidawn and removed The Sleeping Guardian from his failed position. Now, as well as the Overlords, Lord Malikaar must deal with Artemis, Athena, Poseidon and Ra, before he can gain control of Druidawn and make it the new Axiadore. 

Name: Lord Sark                Age: Unknown

Race:   Daemon                  Place of Birth: Swamps of Decay.               Time Period: All

Bio: Lord Sark Barrington is the oldest of the Barrington siblings, with Vanderis and Riann following respectively. Though the three siblings have never been close, Sark is interested in establishing a relationship with his sister.


All three tried out for the Overlord trials. Neither Sark nor Vanderis were interested in the Zevaar Desert, with both brothers wanting to slug it out over Metamorphia, the largest of all the continents. The competition was fierce, they were neck and neck, but after some deliberate manipulation by Vanderis, Sark lost his nerve and summoned a daemon for a small favour. The conjuring didn't go to plan and it had dire consequences for Sark, whose days as a dyaden were unknowingly numbered, but first, he had to endure the humiliation of being ejected from the Overlord Trials by Morpheus. The rest as they say, is history. 

Now the tortured, former Tuathan and Fire Elemental resides in the Shadow Realm and serves for the pleasure of  the daemon he once summoned, Lord Malikaar. They are bonded, inseparable, and only Lord Malikaar can severe their connection. 

Name: Meic                             Age: Unknown

Race:   Reanimated Corpse      Place of Birth: Swamps of Decay.               Time Period: All

Bio: Meic is Lord Raytor's head Lich. With the exception of Allinon, the overlord's Tuathan, Meic is his right hand reanimated corpse.


He oversees the day-to-day running of Raytor's Reach and is in the process of erecting a dock so that much needed trade can resume to The Swamps of Decay.


But don't be fooled, this capable individual is more than just an administrator or overseer. He commands the respect of Lord Raytor's army and has fought in his name many, many times. The Lich is also powerful in his right, with    

Name: Mercury                       Age: 26

Race:   Air Elemental              Place of Birth: Metamorphia.            Time Period: AR

Bio: Mercury is an interesting young man. He is a stylish, charismatic rogue whose clever and resourceful nature has spared him from precarious situations several times over. He can be somewhat mischievous especially with those he comes to trust.

He is married but estranged from his wife Ava, since he suffered a traumatic werewolf attack, which he valiantly survived. His wife Ava, twin sister, Olivia, and two younger siblings, Marcus and Sydney, still reside in Westwood, Dissenter Kingdom. He doesn't go anywhere without his loyal friend Quicksilver, a beautiful dire wolf.


If you happen to be adventuring within Dissenter Kingdom/Metamorphia, you may be fortunate enough to come across him. He is renowned for coming to the aid of many of the locals, stranded travellers, and more importantly, putting a spanner in many of Lord Vanderis' works! There is a 100,000 cryll bounty on his head, but only if he is brought in alive. 

Name: Mortimer Messeth        Age: 24

Race:   Tuathan                       Place of Birth: Swamps of Decay.               Time Period: AR

Bio: Mortimer is Lord Raytor's youngest and only brother.

Once a Shadow Knight, but now retired due to a severe head injury, the immortal is now under his brother's care. As part of Shadow Knight training, he like all those that have come before him, drank from the well of eternity and now he will never age. Unfortunately, the head injury he sustained left him very different, from the strong, intelligent young man he was when he entered Shadow Knight Training.


He is a timid, gentle soul and likes to befriend stray animals. He already has a pack of his own wolves, much to his brothers’ disapproval. Raytor had every intention of training them to become useful additions to his army, but Mort interfered with them when they were just pups and softened their inner beast. His bedroom smells like a wolf den rather than a bedroom.   

Name: Pumpkinheadman       Age: Unknown

Race:   Unknown                     Place of Birth: Swamps of Decay.               Time Period: All

Bio: Pumpkinheadman is fearfully revered and strikes horror into the hearts of those that reside in or near The Swamps of Decay border.


He only appears once a year during Samhain, but his reign of terror has been told by many parents in the form of fairytales over the AEONS.  Those that have seen Pumpkinheadman, and escaped with their life, claim he is extremely tall, has gangly, tree like apeendages, and his gaunt but striking pumpkin head has black menacing peeepers.

Only those foolish enough to venture out during this day every year, do. Most locals remain indoors and/or congregate at local businesses as a cautionary measure. Saftey in numbers. 

LIST OF NON-FAMOUS NPCs (non-playing characters) in Shadow Knight Training





Catherine Medina – 17 years old, level 130 Earth Elemental – long black hair, black eyes, brown skin, 5’10”, sturdy build, friendly, easy going, liked by all, and is good with vine wrap and a sword.  Has 160 endurance, so she doesn’t feel pain as much as others and her body can take a lot of punishment before she gives up.  She has a pet wolf, Shenzi, who travels with her everywhere.  She has a terrible fear of heights and tornadoes, and can be weakened by strong wind storms.


Lucien Lensworth – 19 years old, level 120 Shape Shifter lion – blond hair, blue eyes, 5’11”, stocky, solid build, tends to play too rough and hurts people by accident (hearty slaps on the back and wrestling for fun) because of his 150 strength, well-liked by everyone, though some of the girls find him to be rather brutish.  Prefers to use a battle axe as a weapon.  Afraid of spiders and needs to eat a lot, so complains of hunger all the time.


Charles “Charlie” McCalister – 17 years old, level 100 Water Elemental – blue hair, grey eyes, 5’9”, handsome and muscular.  Has a 130 speed, and 150 fighting skills so he’s very fast and accurate with his preferred weapon, a sword.  He’s temperamental like the ocean with quick changes in mood, but he’s well-liked and very loyal to his friends. Fears: he’s weak to fire and heat.


Rhea Daine – 18 years old, level 180 Elf – incredibly beautiful with long red hair and green eyes, 5’8, sleek and shapely.  Has 150 stealth and 150 agility and is very acrobatic as well as amazing with a bow and arrow.  She can be rather stand-offish and cold at times, more logical than emotional, but anyone who manages to get close to her will see that she actually feels a whole lot, she’s just very guarded. She’s introverted and afraid of public speaking.  She also has an intense fear of failure and is very competitive with her brother who is a year ahead of her in Shadow Knight Training. Her brother is Alexander (see below).


Maya Chandler – 16 years old, level 80 Fire Elemental – light blond hair shoulder length, light brown eyes, 5’5”, very thin, seems sweet and innocent, but has a fiery temper and is quick to anger.  She is impulsive and hard to control (she doesn’t think first before she acts).  She takes offense easily to things people say, but she is well-liked anyway because she gets over offenses quickly.  She has a great sense of humor and a 140 intelligence which she uses in ingenious/creative ways to get herself out of trouble. And she does get into trouble A LOT!  Preferred weapon is throwing knives.  Fears: she can’t swim and hates to be wet for very long.


James Kynaston – 17 years old, level 165 Shape Shifter eagle – red hair, blue eyes, 5’10”, pale skin with lots of freckles, thin and lanky and clumsy.  He comes off rather awkward in his dyaden form but is the picture of grace in his eagle form.  He has a 150 compassion and has an amazing way with animals and mystic creatures.  He’s a gentle soul and seems wiser than his youth would imply with his 130 wisdom score.  He’s never in a hurry and always wants to think things through before he acts.  Sometimes his slowness annoys people, but he’s a good and loyal friend. Preferred weapon is a staff.  Fears: disappointing others, thunderstorms (lightning in general), and girls (he’s very shy and doesn’t know how to talk or act in a romantic situation).


Henrick Lacey – 18 years old, level 130 Air Elemental – white hair that sticks up in many directions like an anime character, violet eyes, 5’11”, slender but well-formed, confident and kind, has many interests and talents including art, music (he plays the flute, fiddle and pipes), juggling, parkour, making fireworks and other things that explode, and making potions.  He’s very entertaining and fun to be around.  He has a 140 agility and 170 speed and he can fly.  Preferred weapon is the spear.  Has a natural fear of dark, enclosed places and being alone.


Bridgit Shufflebottom – 16 years old, level 150 Witch – blond wavy hair, shoulder length, dark brown eyes, 5’2”, voluptuous, genius (180 intelligence).  She is extremely well-read, knowledgeable, and learns fast.  She knows how to speak and read ten languages and she has invented many of her own spells and potions.  The funny thing is she doesn’t act like a genius.  Quite the opposite.  She’s bubbly, silly, talks too much, is easily distracted, and laughs all the time.  She is not very physically agile, fast or strong, but her intellect cannot be beat.  Preferred weapon is her magic wand. She’s afraid of boredom and the undead/ghosts.


Kitaro Fujiku – 19 years old, level 120 Wizard who would rather be jumping off of cliffs and trying to tame dangerous creatures than doing anything related to magic.  He comes from a long line of Kisai (Japanese Wizards) who are typically very cerebral.  Kitaro is different.  He is a high-energy daredevil at heart.  He’s always pumped and ready for action.  He is 5’7” with black hair and slanted black eyes.  He has a blue garden dragon (12 inches long) – Yuki - that typically rides on his shoulder and travels with him everywhere.  He has a 160 fighting skills score and is just as good with a staff, a sword, a spear or any other weapon as he is with his bare hands and feet. His fears are illness, injury, and anything else that might confine him or slow him down.



Alexander Daine – 19 years old, level 200 Elf – Secondary, brother of Rhea, long brown hair that he keeps tied back in a ponytail, green eyes, 5’10”, muscular and devilishly handsome.  He’s vain and pompous and a bit of a womanizer.  He’s very protective of his sister and the other initiates as if they’re his personal charges.  He loves to be in charge, and is good at it, with his 160 leadership score, but he can be truly insufferable at times with his know-it-all attitude.  His preferred weapon is a bow and arrows and he has excellent aim.  He fears the sight of his own blood and overdramatizes any injury he gets.  Doesn’t deal well with feelings of discomfort either (hunger, cold, hot, etc.)





Patrik Vargon – 18 years old, level 40 half Wizard, half unknown mixed races, orange hair, lots of freckles and squinty brown eyes.  He’s 5’9 and thin.  He has a serious inferiority complex.  His older brother picked on him mercilessly when they were growing up and his brother graduated Shadow Knight training three years ago, rubbing it in all the way.  His parents always made it clear that his brother was their favorite and he was never sure why until he found out just a year ago that his father was really another man who his mother had a short, embarrassing dalliance with.  Because he doesn’t like himself very much, he goes out of his way to make others feel smaller than him whenever possible, mostly by weaseling and sneaking. He loves to pull pranks and dig into others’ weaknesses, exposing them at any opportunity.  No one knows how he got into Shadow Knight training, but it is speculated that someone struck a deal with Queen Jessica for a favor.


Vincent Wrathbone – 19 years old, level 140 Fire Elemental, slicked back black hair with red highlights, 6’0”, glittering golden eyes, handsome and strong.  He has impressive skills as a Fire Elemental but he’s selfish and vain.  He doesn’t care who he has to step on to get to the top.  He is always propositioning the attractive teachers and older trainees to go out with him and often gets his way because he has a 130 Charisma.  He is highly competitive and can’t stand to lose anything.  He always has to have the best of everything so he can show off to everyone.  He has lots of friends but will only be friends with Secondaries, Adepts and Graduates, even though he himself is an Initiate.  He sees the other Initiates as unworthy of his attention.  He often bribes others to do things for him that are underhanded or sneaky so he comes off looking completely innocent.  His 160 intelligence makes him a master manipulator and strategist.



Rosita Bolas – 17 years old, level 60 Shape Shifter raven, long, dark curly hair, violet eyes, mocha skin, 5’7”, beautiful and knows it, regularly puts others down with insults about their unattractiveness or lack of skills.  She is the daughter of a Shadow Knight couple who both work at the Caverns of Aquarius and Queen Jessica had reservations about her worthiness to undergo training, but her parents convinced the queen that they would keep a close eye on her and that she would grow up to be a great Shadow Knight.  She is in the training provisionally, so she tries to keep herself in line, but she can’t help but dig at the other girls whenever possible. 


Marinn Darby – 16 years old, level 30 Elf, long blond hair, blue eyes, 5’6”, Rosita’s best friend.  Marinn is a follower.  She needs a strong personality to latch onto because she seems to have no identity of her own.  She basically follows Rosita wherever she goes and does whatever she is told to do.  She’s a skilled archer, a strong mind-speaker, and is the best there is at stealth and camouflage.  Sadly, she has no confidence in her own abilities.  She grew up a middle child in a huge family of Elves and no one paid her any attention.  She became quite good at blending in with the scenery.  Queen Jessica saw great potential in her but knew that she might never discover her true power herself without some serious pushing.  So far, she is as invisible and trite as she has always been.






Ascended Master Makoto Kane: Male Wizard, Headmaster of Everton Castle, 70 years old, average height, bald head with a long white goatee, kind, Asian-shaped brown eyes, smooth, tan skin.  This is the quintessential Martial Arts master – wise, peaceful, speaks little, but every word he has to say is life-alteringly important.  No one knows all of the magic he possesses because he seems to use new powers or spells nearly every day, and he is nearly impossible to beat in hand-to-hand combat, even at 70 years old!  No one can bear to disappoint him and trainees often fight for his approval, though he never shows favoritism among the students.  He has had two wives in the past, both deceased, and he has two daughters, one of whom is a Shadow Knight at the Caverns of Aquarius, though not a teacher.  The other is a jewelry maker and lives with her husband and five children in Dissenter Kingdom.


Master Alma Quadar: Female Witch, Master of Necromancy, 38 years old, single, tall, with dark skin and long, dark red hair, and brown eyes.  She is very kind to younger students and well-liked by them.  She has a dark sense of humor that drives off some of the more sensitive trainees and is fond of pranking the students and regularly gets scolded by the other masters for it. She’s not afraid to get dirty and up to her knees in dead bodies, and is surprisingly muscular due to all the heavy lifting involved in raising the dead.  She may or may not have a crush on Master Forgiss (see below), she would never admit it if accused, however.  Still, if he ever asked her out, she certainly wouldn’t say “no”!


Master Karilynn Rivers:  Female Witch, Master of Archives, and Keeper of Secrets, 45 years old, light brown hair sprinkled with silver highlights, medium height, mysterious black eyes.  She is kind, soft spoken and level-headed always.  She can remain calm and rational even in the worst imaginable disasters.  She is incredibly intelligent, has memorized many of the books in the library, can speak and read just about any language, knows the entire history of Druidawn from start to finish, and many seek out her wise counsel on a regular basis.  Her first passion is books and knowledge and she’s intensely introverted.  She has six cats and eight birds in her private quarters. Sometimes she can be found with a large bird on her shoulder like a raven or an owl. She is divorced and has never had any children of her own, though loves to take students in under her wing and teach them, and she would love to adopt some day.


Master Renn Burnthorn – Male mixed-born, Master of Combat, 33 years old, large, muscular, lots of dark hair, gray eyes and a dashing smile, heartthrob. Renn learned many of his hand-to-hand combat techniques from Master Kane himself.  He’s incredibly athletic, fast and strong.  His preferred weapon is the double-bladed spear, but he’s comfortable with all weapons and has learned that absolutely any object can be made into a weapon if used right.  Renn is a lady’s man and is usually seen with someone new every week.  He never lets himself get trapped into a relationship because it would weaken him and he wants to stay strong of mind as well as body.  


Master Corbin Calloway – Male Air Elemental, Master of Levitation, 65 years old, close-cropped gray hair, brown eyes, a very serious and proper man, afraid of his Air Elemental heritage and the possibility of losing his sanity over time.  He is the grandfather of four young men, three of whom are full-fledged Shadow Knights now, and he takes great pride in them.  His other grandson is a chef in Araithia and he doesn’t think much of that grandchild.  He has had three of his own children with his wife Charisse, two girls and one boy, none of whom went through Shadow Knight training, all of whom are grown up, have spouses of their own and have split apart to live in various places around Druidawn.


Master Jack Archer – Male Earth Elemental, Master of Survival and Wilderness Training, 55 years old, short brown hair, stubbly beard, soft brown eyes, easy-going personality. Archer had a rough childhood.  He was abandoned by his father at age four, then when he was eight and traveling through Tronos Jungle in Metamorphia, his mother and older brother were killed by a pair of roaming trolls.  He and his older sister were left alone to fend for themselves.  They learned how to survive in the wild for seven years before they were finally rescued by a griffon who took them under her wing.  The griffin guided them to a village where a family of farmers adopted both of them and taught them the ways of the land. Jack went into Shadow Knight training as soon as he turned sixteen and has been an amazing asset to Everton Castle ever since.  His sister still lives at the farm, but is now its owner and has a husband and three children of her own, one of whom just graduated Shadow Knight training last year.  Jack never married.


Master Talfryn Forgiss – Male Elf, Master Assassin, 40 years old, single, classically Elvish with long dark hair kept in a queue at the base of his neck, piercing, icy blue eyes, sharp facial features, no-excuses attitude. Talfryn is one of the least seen Masters because of his amazing stealth and camouflage abilities. He rarely communicates with those he doesn’t train and has been known to vanish for weeks or even months on end on secret missions. Despite the secrecy, he can be kind, even friendly to those he trusts, although that number is low. He also has a nasty scar on his neck and rumors abound as to what caused it. A low ranking trainee is unlikely to ever see this master, unless Talfryn wishes to be seen.


Master Nithanda Raiseel – Female Shape Shifter, Emissary of Mystic Creatures, 30 years old, can turn into a red-tailed hawk, is tall, has dark skin and dark eyes and short, curly black hair. She is reserved, but acutely aware of the goings on of the castle, choosing to observe rather than participate. She is not a consistent teacher, either very rigorous or very laid back, depending on what is going on in her personal life (she and her female partner have a volatile relationship), and the current drama of the castle. She is very aware of her surroundings, and responds to extreme emotions of others.  Her partner is another Shape Shifter who works in the gardens and farm lands of Everton Castle.


Master Sagaros Jablyk – Male Dwarf, Master of Potions and Spells, 47 years old, short with bright red hair, long beard with braids and iron beads in it, gets angry often but in a funny, harmless way.  Goes on long rants in his Scottish accent about everything that dissatisfies him and is very good at creative insults like, “If you were a stone, you’d be a wee little pebble stuck to the bottom of me boot, annoying and impossible to get rid of!”  Then he’s over it and back to whistling while he’s concocting his latest liquid creation.  Sagaros has a sister, a wife and six children, all of whom live at the Caverns of Aquarius Seaport in the Shadow Knight family housing community.  He goes home to them every night on the back of his dwarf dragon.


Master Lorelai Feralin – Female Shape Shifter, Master Dragon Tamer, 48 years old, long, unruly brown and green hair that kinks and flies about her head in a torrent, green eyes, can shift into a green dragon and knows the ways of dragons better than anyone else out there.  She has never been married, but she has a 20 year-old-daughter who lives at the Caverns of Aquarius Seaport.  She is a fearless daredevil and has no pity for those who show weakness or fear.  She is prideful and bold, and expects her students to be the same.  Some see her as rude and inconsiderate (usually the loudest person in the room), especially with her pension for honesty.  She’s also not as fond of bathing as the other masters and sometimes doesn’t smell too appealing.  She always speaks her mind and doesn’t spare feelings, but her loyalty to the Shadow Knights is beyond compare, and she can rally a dozen dragons to her aid in the blink of an eye.


Master Amelie Torth – Female Crow, Master of Healing, 66 years old, single, with turquoise hair that’s streaked with white. Everyone respects her and she has a quiet air of authority. She’s kind and empathetic, but she has a core of steel and will brook no disobedience or rudeness. She thinks that anyone who is in Shadow Knight training needs to work to be there and needs to understand pain and empathy. As a result, she’s hard on those who want to pursue healing and makes sure that every student who passes through her classroom leaves with a better understanding of the world around them and themselves. She doesn’t fight, but knows the pressure points of most everyone on the island and if she wanted to, she could make a wily manipulator. Amelie also has ropey scars around her wrists from when she was captured and imprisoned by some of Vanderis’ men. As a result, she never leaves the Caverns of Aquarius.


Ronan Malley - Male w/o any discernable race, Head Chef, 29 years old, single.  He is

a man who prides himself on the fact that not a single family member has been able to claim to be more than a quarter of a single race for at least three generations, Ronan Malley very much enjoys his position as incumbent head chef. Ronan is about six feet tall with long, bright red, frizzy, hippie-esque hair that brushes his lower back when he lets it loose, a facet of his appearance that has led him to single-handedly popularize the use of a hair net while cooking. He is quite the conversationalist, enjoying discussions regarding topics as myriad as his days cooking for a pirate ship to his philosophy education at Dissenter City’s prestigious university. As a result of these two aspects of his life, these conversations tend to include a healthy mixture of rather pretentious-sounding latin phrases and down-to-earth sailor swearing. However, as snobbish and foul as he might sometimes be, Ronan is a kind-hearted, peaceful fellow always willing to lend a helping hand.