Locations and Places

There are many wonderful and dangerous places all over Druidawn and with them come some interesting and uniques histories. With too many to include, listed below is a list of some of the most stiking locales found across Druidawn. 


Araithian Temple

REGENT:                                                                          POPULATION:

The Araithian temple looks out of place in the midst of this beautiful, animal filled woodlands. Structually similar to Mayan and Aztec temples, this building is protected by members of Bethevan's Order. The Order consists of powerful female and male shapeshifters entrusted with maintaining the secrets locked away within the temple. Both Lord Raytor and Lord Vanderis are incredibly curious about what it is Lady Bethevan is keeping in there. 

The area also acts as a trading post and general good market for the inhabitants of the northern and central parts of Araithia that cannot always get to Port Starling, which is where the continents main trading hub is.  


REGENT:                                                       POPULATION:


What can be said about Blackpond which hasn't been murmured by countless locals!


The mystery surrounding Blackpond seems to increase with every passing decade. Lady Bethevan has visited the small pond several times and even posted some of her guards here to observe the area in ten hour stints for a period of five days. Her Araithian guards recalled nothing memeorable to mind, but the locals who have passed the pond or stopped to rest for the night, have claimed to have very different experiences. Parents have lost their children, animals have disappeared, putrid aromas have been smelt , and unusual high-pitched sounds can be heard here. Some believe these strange experiences were not meant for Ladyy Bethevan or her Araithian guards, which is why their visits have been unsuccessful.

The most recent occurance resulted in a family of six travelling from Byshade to Aja's hold by way of Blackpond, never reached their destination. An extensive search party was organized by the Regent of Byshade, but to no avail, the family was never located. The only rement of their presence was the families small carriage and two horses, discovered fifty yards from Blackpond. The carriage contained some of their belongings, but the family was nowhere to be seen.

Burgean Mountains

Muse Lake

REGENT:                                                                          POPULATION:


Muse Lake is situated North of  Nycenia, Lord Aeron's kingdom. This beautiful, lake and gorgeous sprawling surrounding forest, brings a majestic air to the place. Consisting of the uinque tressle trees, which maintains a reflective colour for each of the changing seasons, draw many people to the area especially artists and muscians. Lord Aeron himself comes here to paint when a break in his schedule permits it.


Scarlet ferns grow by the verge next to the lake and when caught in the sunlight, delivers a beautiful reddish hue across the surface of the lake. This majestic, tranquil area is home to so many creatures including, six-legged hedgehogs, herds of unicorns, water faeries, and dragonflies.


REGENT:                                                                     POPULATION:


Tuatha is home to the Tuatha de DaNaan. The Tuathans, who are more commonly referred to as witches and wizards, are a magical race with strong ties to their Celtic heritage. Most have some kind of Celtic band tattoo or something comporable. 

Their strong ties to their Irish heritage can be seen in the architecture of their homes and the grand white walls, which protect their home.  With white columns, archways and curved roofs, 

The Caverns of Aquarius

Crimson Forest

REGENT:  Ascended Master, Charles Wolvin               POPULATION:


Crimson Forest is a sprawling contradiction. Both beautiful and alluring, yet mysterious and dangerous, this forest is home to so many unique fauna and flora. The forest is also used as a training area for the Shadow Knights in practice and over the years has resulted in some unfortunate incidents.   

There are also some unexplored areas here, which Ascended Master Wolvin has deemed unexplorable due to the islands history during The Age of Fire.

Everton Castle

REGENT:  Ascended Master, Charles Wolvin                 POPULATION:


Everton Castle is located on the famous island, The Caverns of Aquarius. Home to hundreds of Shadow Knights, this beautiful if somewhat isolated island, holds its fair share of knowledge and secrets, some known and some yet to be unearthed.  

Every year, new trainees embark on a four year journey to become Shadow Knights. Due to the intensive training not all succeed, but most do find their place in the world and continue the strong traditions of the Shadow Knights.


The are many wonderous sights to be seen here. The Wizards Forge is a magical forge where the cryllicon Shadow Blades are crafted. Initiates receive these swords in their final year and to say they are invaluable, is an understatement! These magical weapons are unique and partially sentient, and can only be wielded by the Shadow Knight it was forged for.

The mystic sanctuary is full of  all kinds of mystic creatures, dragons, gryphons etc., and under the watchful, nuturing eye of Master X they come and go freely.


Druid's Keep

REGENT:  Sleeping Guardian                                       POPULATION:


Druid's Keep is a mysterious place and other than the Sleeping Guardian, not much is known about this site. Located north-west of the main continent of Desira, this smaller island is often hidden by fog, which makes it tricky to reach, though locales believe the Sleeping Guardian deliberately keeps it that way.

It is believed many secrets are hidden within Druids Keep, but not in a typical fashion, like a vault or a library. A solitary teenage girl holds the important secrets of Druids Keep. 

Aphrodite's Temple

REGENT:  Lady Jallora                                                POPULATION:  20 - 30 of Lady Jallora's guards.


Lady Jallora erected this temple in tribute to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. This choice is very apropos for Lady Jallora seeing as her looks are very important to her. With the exception of her kingdom, her regimented beauty treatments are integral to maintaining her sanity. If she spots a line or a wrinkle, it's a bad day for all concerned!


Aphrodite and Lady Jallora are almost a mirror of each other, both vain, jealous and bad-tempered, and have left a line of chaos in their wake. While Lady Jallora uses a curse involving her eyes to cause men to fall in love with her, Aphrodite used a belt to claim her men.


The overlord leaves a small unit of her soldiers there to protect the temple and ensure that none of the offerings left by the locales are stolen or the temple itself is not vandalized.

Dissenter Kingdom

Mystic Hills

REGENT:  Queen Jessica                                         POPULATION:


Just south of Port Minasdis, the Mystic Hills is believed to be a sacred, magical place with a strong connection to the Ravinian Shrine. The magic here is powerful and witnesses have seen strange glowing lights, floating orbs, and ghostly figures floating through the trees. Witches and Wizards use the raw magic that emanates from this place to enhance their skills, and Ravinian followers (Elves) often come here to practice their ceremonies as well.


Though a majority of Elves visit the Ravinian Shrine on the anniversary of the Age of Fire, some more authoritarian Elves will pay their respects here at the Mystic Hills in the hopes of seeing a physical manifestation of their ancestors. Their intentions, to ask for advice, knowledge or receive wisdom.

The Ravinian Shrine

REGENT:  Queen Jessica                                              POPULATION:


Much mystery still surrounds the true origins of the Shrine. Not much is known about who erected it, only that the Elves who live locally and those who travel to this region from around the world, visit the monument to honour the Ravinians, the ancestors of the Elves. 

Every year during the anniversary of the end of the Age of Fire, thousands of Elves locally and from other continents, flock to the shrine to pay their respects and celebrate their brave ancestors who fought for their place on Druidawn and a right to call it their home.  

Frozen North

Arctic Fox Den

REGENT:  Lord Tibarios Wells                                              POPULATION:


This is a home to the adorable arctic foxes, who have adapted well to the harsh, frozen terrain. These cute little animals must endure a lot to survive successfully in this region, including competing against the giant rocs, yetis, and snow dragons to scavenge food.


Weather permitting, Lord Tibarios will occasionally send some of his men to distribute food within the fox region, especially when the extreme Frozen North climate has been blowing up a storm.

The Penguin Pools

REGENT:  Lord Tibarios Wells                                             POPULATION:


This unique place has a series of shallow water pools that are home to many of Druidawn’s penguins, most of whom tend to congregate and mate here. The habitat has grown considerably over the centuries and is attracting some of the larger marine predators. The Frozen North penguins spend even periods of time on land and in water and live off krill, fish, and small squids.

Minus the raging winter seasonal storms, this is a place of serene tranquility, and weather permitting, Lord Tibarios will often spend a few hours a day, sketching, reading or simply procrastinating.

The Swamps of Decay

Lashers Point

REGENT:                                                                          POPULATION:


The Blade Mines is a heavily guarded area. Deemed incredibly valuable by Lord Raytor, he not only built several guard towers to act as a perimeter around the mine, but he brought in a powerful trio of witches to protect the opening to it. Massively rich in red steel deposits, the mine has been targeted over the decades by Vampires, thieves and even rogue members of Lord Raytor's own army.

Now, The Blade Mines houses a small company of Lord Raytor's army, some one/two hundred men and women. There's housing, a training area, a general store and trading post, and most importantly, a couple of pubs for morale!

The Blade Mines

REGENT:                                                                           POPULATION:


Lashers Point is situated in The Swamps of Decay, one of the most insidiously dangerous places on Druidawn. The settlement is made up of  the worst possible indivudals you could ever find in one place. Consisting of marauders, thieves, murderers, and skilled assassins for hire, Lashers Point is a harsh landscape especially for those not pre-disposed to backstabbing and murder! 

Lord Raytor allows this place to exist as long as the inhabitants of Lashers Point, keep their unruly indiscretions there. If they should wander to other areas of his territory with their intolerble propensity for unwarrented violence, he has threatened to end them!

Zevaar Desert

Anubis' Pyramids

REGENT:                                                                           POPULATION:


Just like on Earth, the Pyramids were constructed to honour the Gods.  Situated close to Anubia,  Lady Riann's Kingdom, the Pyramids are protected by her Royal Guards.


Citizens of Anubia and Fawnskin Valley visit regularly to pay their repects to their chosen diety and they regularly bring offerings in the form of food, crafted goods, and sometimes cryll in hope the gods will bless them with abundance.

Many Zevaarians believe the Pyramids to be haunted. Some have shared their strange experiences while paying their respects or leaving their offerings. They have claimed to feel a cold, discerning presence, unpleasant smells, and an eerie wind that carries a faint moaning sound.

Scallywags Cove

REGENT:                                                                           POPULATION:


Home to Druidawn's pirates, Scallywags Cove is located in the Zevaar Desert, due south from Anubia, Lady Riann's Kingdom.  

With a strategic sea opening, the base is built inside the southern cliffs. Unless you have navigated these waters as a pirate, entry is hard to see from the ocean, especially as most navigators are unaware of what they are looking for. The waters around the entry way are reputed to be shark infested, so swim at your own peril. 

At one point in the pirates history, they were uprooted from their innovative home base by their longest running rivals/enemies, the Blackhoods.  After a huge faceoff and lives lost on both sides, the Zevaarian pirates won their battle for their home and now, it's almost impossible to penetrate. Effectively, booby trapped, Scallywag's Cove means death for anyone who doesn't belong there!