Magical Items

Over the years, Tuathans, Overlords, and the Gods have bestowed many magical items upom the Druidonains, some for safe keeping and some aimed at disposing of certain foes when the time arrives.  Other magical items have been crafted, brought to life be powerful embued magic, enchantments and arcane spells.

ITEM NAME: Sentient Lemons

OVERVIEW: Much is still unknown about the origins of the infamous sentient lemons, except that they were discovered on a doomed ship, which subsquently sank. They look exactly like a lemon, no frills, no shiny variations, but if you were to slice this fruit, you'd be in for quite a shock!


They communicate telepathically, however if the receiver has a lower than average mental strength, then they will not be able to hear this sentient being.

COOLDOWN: This unique being doesn't react the way other magical items do. It has it's own unique cooldown when it decides not to converse with someone it deems unworthy. 

ITEM NAME: Mimic Cards. 

OVERVIEW: The Mimic cards were created by Loki himself. While somewhat beneficial to the user, this handy deck of cards come with some worrisome side effects in the form of pissed off fellow players!

To even begin to use these cards, the user must have a very high combined mental strength and willpower of 200. During the course of a game and only at the time when cards can be drawn, the user can use the power of thought to change the card/cards given to them. They may only change two cards during one game and only during the draw phase. 

Do be mindful though, the more players in a game, the more difficult it will be to manipulate the cards. The Mimic Cards come with a standard 52 cards, consisting of 4 Aces, 4 Loki's, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks and the numerical rest.

REQUIREMENTS: Can only be used by people with high mental strength (150) and willpower (150).

COOLDOWN: This deck of cards can only be used to deal three games. After that, it must remain unused for two consecutive days. It is a great way to extort money from naive players. 

ITEM NAME: Meridian Sphere.

OVERVIEW: Created by Hyperion, this beautiful, ornate, golden sphere has two circular indents, one perfectly positiomed at the top, represenitng the north pole and one at the bottom of the sphere, representing the south. When pressed, it triggers an automatic response from the sphere, causing it to virbate, rotate, grow slightly in size, before pulling the user into a beam of light, which allows them to travel a great distance from one end to the other.  

REQUIREMENTS:  Can only be used be an Elemental.

COOLDOWN:  Once used, it will need a week to logistically recalibrate before being accessed again. 

ITEM NAME: Silver Fanged Cane.

OVERVIEW: Created by Andila Runepike, a talented blacksmith with The Blackhoods, the siver fanged cane possesses extraordinary powers. It has only ever been wielded by Blackhoods and is passed down the line of successive leaders. Though the cane is reputed to be lost, somewhere in Southern Zevaar Desert, bewteeen Mizra Seaport and Port Esna, it is incredibly valuable and many have searched long and hard for it. It is made from pure silver and coated in some parts with a one-inch layer of cryllicon. 

Not only can the cane be used in a traditonal sense as a walking aid, but it is also sturdy enough to be used as a melee weapon. The cane's real power though, comes from bonding with the wielder and it will harness their own natural, magical born abilities, i.e., if you are an Earth Elemental, it will channel elemental powers, if you are a Tuathan, it will channel magical abilities. Once the two are linked, only death separates them. 

REQUIREMENTS:  A person who is inflicted with the Lycanthrope curse, can never wield this weapon.

COOLDOWN:  Once the cane has been used it will need to be recharged, preventing it from being used for a further five days. A skilled Tuathan with advanced knowledge in runes and enchantments will need to replenish the cane.

ITEM NAME: Hestia's Cooking Pot.

OVERVIEW: Created by Hestia the Goddess of the heath, this cast iron cooking pot can hold about 14 pints of soup, stew or whatever delicious meal the cooker makes. Meals cooked in Hestia's pot, grants the consumer, maximum health regeneration, removes all negative effects like sleepiness, lethargy, and sickness (colds, some flu's, mild food poisoning, stomach discomfort triggered by bad gas etc.)

REQUIREMENT: It greatly helps if the user can cook!

COOLDOWN:  While there is no real cooldown for this handy pot, it is somewhat cumbersome to carry around. With a depth of 15.5 inches, a width of 12.5 inches, and 4.6 inches in height, it's not something you can pop in a knpasack or backpack!  However, preparing delicious, health restoring meals before you leave is probably the best way to go!

ITEM NAME: The Unlucky Lance.

OVERVIEW: Typically created to be used by a mounted warrior and a one-time use weapon, this lance defies all the norms. Once thrown, if the lance misses it's target, it will reappear in the wielders hands for another shot. If picked up on the battlefield by anyone other than Jupiter, the lance would doom the individual to a run of bad luck, just ask the God's training partner, Broin. 


Crafted by some of Vulcan's best blacksmiths and embued with ancient magic, this lance was only meant to by weilded by Jupiter, but Mars had other ideas. After learning about it's impressive powers and capabilities, Mars claimed the weapon for himself without realizing that the weapon had been designed solely for his father's use, and to only be used by him in battle.  

REQUIREMENT: This beautifully crafted  weapon was only meant to be wielded by one God, but should you be lucky enough to come across it, pick it up and see what comes to pass. Maybe you'll end up impaling yourself!

COOLDOWN:  Unknown.

ITEM NAME: Bone Whistle

OVERVIEW: The Bone Whistle summons an army of skeletons, not just to fight at your command but to do your bidding. The moment they are summoned, they can kill, plunder and pillage! The individual that blows the bone whistle, is the only one that can unsummon them. If the whistle is somehow destroyed before the blower can unsummon the skeletons, they will remain active and rampant until all have been destroyed.

REQUIREMENT: There is only one simple requirement. You actions must wreak of malevolence!

COOLDOWN:  Not applicable.

ITEM NAME: The Wise Anvil

OVERVIEW: Created by Hephaestus and left for safe keeping in the hands of the Shadow Knights, this beautiful, illuminous anvil in the right, skillful hands can craft perfected weapons. A skilled blacksmith can use any material to create any range of weapon. The perfected weapon will be almost impossible to destroy especially if cryllicon in the processing of the weapon.

REQUIREMENT: Only a skilled blacksmith can use the anvil. All the normal smithing rules apply to creating a weapon.

COOLDOWN:  There is no cooldown, unless the weapon has been enchanted, then normal enchantment restrictions will apply.