Mystic Creatures

Welcome to the home of Druidawn's Mystic Creatures! You'll discover all you need to know about these highly intelligent, beautiful, and sometimes fierce creatures.


Spirit Element Dragons 


Black can communicate with and control the dead and undead. They are the only dragons that can travel to the Shadow Realm, can teleport, can create their own portals at high levels, and they have a unique understanding of chaos. They are extremely rare, and by far the largest of the dragons, at 50-feet-tall. Their powers can be used for good or evil. They go to the Shadow Realm when they die. They eat three to four old cows a day.

Dragons are individual and unique in the same way that dyadens are. The bonding process between rider and dragon may take time to develop or it may never happen. Most dragons are going to be temperamental and will often feel superior to their riders. In those cases, most dragons will never fully be tamed.  by far, Black dragons are the most difficult dragons to befriend and they have very little to no loyalty. So in closing, don't rely too heavily on them to bail you out of trouble!


There are only three ways to get a dragon’s egg. The first way is by completing Shadow Knight Training, the second is by traveling to the Desiran Islands (where most dragons are born) and competing in one of Jallora’s challenges that takes place twice a year, and the third way is by obtaining an egg from a marketplace vendor. Of the three possibilities the last one is most difficult. Dragon eggs are extremely rare and very costly. It would take a considerable amount of cryll and luck to be in the right place at the right time to purchase an egg from a vendor.

You cannot befriend a dragon without knowing dragon speak, so be sure to purchase this power in the Druidawn Magic Store, but remember,  you may still meet some resistance. 

Water Element Dragons


Blue, purple, teal – can hypnotize with their dragon song, and have water powers including tidal wave, water burst, whirlpool, etc. They don’t breathe fire, but they are excellent swimmers, as they are born in the water.


They tend to be serene, but can rage like a storm when angered. These are the smallest of the dragons, generally 15-feet-tall and weighing about 8 tons. They eat only seafood.

Rainbow Dragons


There are only a few of these dragons in existence on Druidawn. They are legendary even to other dragons. These rainbow coloured winged creatures can wield the power of all the elements, but only one at a time.

Like snow dragons they generally run small at 15 feet long and are only indigenous to Psychonia. These beautiful dragons are omnivores.

Snow Dragons


These dragons are indigenous to the Frozen North. They can be found in various places in around the icy land, shedding their long, silky white fur that is the source of dragon silk, all over the snowy wastelands.


These creatures are wilder and less intelligent than the Desiran dragons, but they’re still rare and precious and need to be protected. Even if you were to conquer the dragon speak language, you would still not be able to mind speak with these dragons. They do not communicate that way, they transfer emotions and images instead.


Snow dragons are by far the gentlest and most loving creatures on Druidawn even more than whales. They dig through the ice and eat a variety of fish.


They tend to be smaller dragons, around 15-20 feet long. Arctic Elves collect the hair and sell it to other continents for a high price.

Air Element Dragons


White, gray, silver – air dragons have powers of air, including wind storm, tornado, weather control, lightning, etc. They are the fastest and most graceful of the dragons. They can tend to be vain, prone to eccentric behavior and may become unstable at higher levels.


These are medium-large sized dragons, generally 18-20 feet-tall, and weighing about 12 tons. Air dragons are generally vegetarians, but have been known to dive down and eat a trout or twenty.

Fire Element Dragons

Red, Gold, Orange – fire breathing and fire producing, can withstand extreme temperatures, don’t like cold, can turn sand to glass and help black smiths. They tend to decorate their caves with fire burned rock and sculpture.


They have very passionate personalities. They’re hard to get close to, but once you befriend them, they are loyal to the end. These are the second largest dragons, generally 25-30 feet-tall, and weighing about 15 tons. These are meat eaters and need to consume at least one old cow a day.

Earth Element Dragons


Earth Element Dragons - Brown, green, bronze – have the powers of earth including earth quakes, shooting thorns from their scales, turning to stone at will, and vine wrap. They tend to be stable, nosey, and very connected to all things around them and all of nature.


They are sensible and can be overly cautious or shy. They like to build things out of wood, stone, mud and clay. These tend to be medium–large sized dragons, generally 18-feet-tall, weighing about 10 tons. Earth dragons are also vegetarians

Transparent Dragons


These dragons are eight feet tall, wingless and extremely rare. They can only be found in the Caves of Twilight, which borders Metamorphia and Psychonia.


These strange creatures have bodies made of a transparent jello-like substance, which makes all of their internal organs, bones and veins visible through their skin. They have long sharp claws and fangs that can spit acid that can eat through any substance, including cryllicon.


These creatures live in darkness and are very sensitive to light, in particular sunlight, which their transparent skin has no defence against. They hunt by night and when home, they remain clustered together in small family groups, protecting their young as a community. They feast

Garden Dragons


These tiny dragons, found mostly in garden areas, are cute but dangerous. Full-grown adult ranges from 9-13 inches long. Their strong little wings allow them to fly quickly from tree to tree where they eat insects, fruits, leaves, and other growing things. They also like to sun themselves on rocks or scout for worms on the forest floor.


They are quite good at camouflaging themselves to look like leaves on tree branches, but they do this to avoid predators, not to harm passers-by. These little charmers have a poisonous bite that can make a person go insane or cause intense pain and life-threatening fevers.


If they are befriended, however, they won’t bite their owner. They tend to enjoy riding upon a person’s arm, wrapping their long tail around the appendage and settling their head comfortably at the wrist. Most owners don’t mind this because garden dragons have hollow bones like birds and they are very light weight.


These miniature dragons can’t speak telepathically, but they can send pictures of their thoughts to those they bond with. Lastly, they have the power to make things grow quickly, such as trees and bushes.

Other Flying Mystic Creatures

Winged Horses


Winged horses are most commonly black, brown, white, or rust coloured. They are more common than unicorns, though both are rare compared to Druidawn’s other creatures. The winged horses live in flocks, and like dragons, they must be captured as infants and trained before they will accept commands from others.


Unlike unicorns, they can be trained and even tamed, but it is extremely difficult to get the infants away from the flock. And if not cared for properly they rapidly die when separated from the flock.