Mystic Creatures

Here you will find land mystic creatures that exist on Druidawn. Approach at your own peril!

Magnus Devour Wyrm

The Magnus Devour Wyrm is indigenous to the Zevaar Desert. Much mystery surrounds this unique being. It lives far below the surface of the rolling sand dunes. 


The wyrm is one hundred feet long, with a thick protective outer skin and three sets of razor sharp teeth, one row behind the other. On its under belly, halfway between its head and tail, are three glowing orange spheres in a triangular shape.


For those bold adventures who are foolish to pursue this being, keep this in mind, the Magnus Devour Wyrm is indestructible and immune to all forms of magic.



Unicorns and winged horses are the same in height and appearance as Earth horses, except unicorns have a long magical horn protruding from their forehead, and winged horses have giant wings that enable them to fly. Both breeds of magical horse are telepathic and kind-natured.


Unicorns are generally white and have the ability to turn invisible, except when they drink. They are free-spirited creatures that are impossible to train. They have horns that can channel a magical healing property, but they can only use this ability thrice in their lifetime, and they’re very selective when offering this magic to others.


They are particularly fond of young innocent women, and if they choose to befriend someone, they are devoted to them unconditionally for life.


Unicorns die if their horns are severely damaged, as the horns are their true-life force.

Winged Horses

Winged horses are most commonly black, brown, white, or rust coloured. They are more common than unicorns, though both are rare compared to Druidawn’s other creatures.


The winged horses live in flocks, and like dragons, they must be captured as infants and trained before they will accept commands from others. Unlike unicorns, they can be trained and even tamed, but it is extremely difficult to get the infants away from the flock. And if not cared for properly they rapidly die when separated from the flock.