Druidawn's Overlords are a famous collective put together by the The Sleeping Guardian, Morpheus, to protect Druidonians and the continents and ensure that another violent and contentious war is prevented at all cost. Once a peaceful group, now fractured thanks to some of the overlords who have caused several issues and developed long running feuds with each other. 

Lord Aeron

Aeron rules the Burgean Mountains, which are a lot like the Rocky Mountains, with primarily pine, spruce, and aspen trees. His Celtic style fairy tale castle rests in a clearing in the middle of the mountain range in a kingdom called Nycenia. A large river flows through his outer castle grounds and many animals and mystics gather to drink from these crystal clear waters. His land is plentiful with unicorns, faeries, Centaurs, griffons, phoenix, Elves, and other creatures and animals who are all completely dedicated to him.


Aeron doesn’t have many guards around his castle, but he doesn’t feel he needs them. If anyone ever threatened his kingdom, all of the magical creatures of his land would immediately come forth to protect their home. The outer grounds include stables and sanctuaries for mystic creatures, various fruit tree groves, and enchanted forests. Inside the castle is a myriad of life-like paintings that Aeron painted himself, as well as sculptures, pottery, and many expressions of art from all over Druidawn. Music is always playing in his castle, sometimes from student musicians or traveling bards, and sometimes from Aeron himself as he practices playing his many instruments. There are several music conservatories and art studios as well as very comfortable but modest guest accommodations.


Aeron is a high level illusion caster, so he can make his castle appear to be anything he wants it to be, which can also confuse the rare enemy who might try to raid or sneak in to steal his artistic treasures. Most don’t stand a chance against his mind-manipulation abilities and illusion casting, the latter of which can hold even when Aeron is away on a long journey, which happens often as he searches to become a master of the arts.

Lady Bethevan

Black Panther

Lady Bethevan rules the wild and beautiful land of Araithia.  Her palace in Aja’s Hold is really more of an elaborate tree house village than a castle. Her private dwelling is inside a massive, ancient hollow tree and few have ever had the privilege of stepping foot inside her personal space. It is rumoured that Tibarios’ own handiwork decorates the interior of Bethevan’s home, and that her bedroom is in the highest reaches of the towering redwood where she can see above the forest from her private balcony.


However, Bethevan spends most of her time in her ground-level animal clinic, tending to sick animals, or as a black panther roaming through her lands and keeping a watchful eye on travelers. The Araithial Woodlands boasts a plethora of wildlife, Shifters, Wood Elves, Faerie Folk, Brownies, Leprechauns, and many other fascinating, mystic creatures. It is the homeland of the Shape Shifters and there are many tribes and towns dedicated to Shifters and their unique culture. The famous elaborate Araithian Temple, where much trading and bartering takes place, is also located in this magical woodland. Some exports include the tiny and rare garden dragons, forest berries, herbs, honey, maple, chocolate, medicinal leaves, and various exotic vegetables and fruits.


Lady Jallora

Jallora/Aecea are both the rulers of Desira and the Desiran Islands, depending on the time period. Desira was ruled by Jallora throughout the Age of Order. When she died, it jump-started the Age of Revolution when Aecea took over her kingdom. The castle remains the same in both ages, however, except for some interior changes.


The castle of Desira is tall and white with many towers and spires, in the style of a German palace. It has massive balconies so that the many dragons that live in the area can land, socialize, and leave again at will. Aecea lives and does most of her governing in Galea, a large port city on the south-easterly coast of Desira.


The mainland of Desira is like Hawaii. Much of the environment is tropical, warm, and boasts many variations of wild flowers, foliage, and wild life. Some parts up north are wide open plains with ranches and farm lands, but the majority of the southern end is like a tropical rain forest. At the southern coast of Desira is a massive beach called Dragon’s Tooth Coast where most dragons are born. Dragon’s Tooth Coast is loaded with element dragons that meet up there primarily for mating purposes.


Desira is known for its exports of silk and other fabrics, jewels and hand-made jewellery and other trinkets, tropical fruits and vegetables, and of course dragon eggs (but these are very rare and hard to come by!).


Kulaan rules the insane land of Psychonia, located at the eastern edge of Metamorphia. The Portal of Chaos exists in Psychonia and it takes a uniquely powerful overlord to control the random, chaotic possibilities that spill out of the portal on a regular basis.


Married to a potted dandelion named “Boogles,” Kulaan is a high level Air Elemental and quite insane himself, but he does know how to work with the forces of chaos and keep them for the most part harmlessly at bay. His castle is precariously perched at the edge of a mountain just above Uptown and is a mess of random colours and shapes inside and out. Like the landscape of Psychonia, Kulaan’s castle changes almost daily, and only the overlord and those equally as insane as he is can find their way around the place. The lands around the kingdom are riddled with oddities such as the giant kissy lips, the River of Opposites, the Great Pie Migration, hypnosis flowers, Feather Tree Forest, the panda army, and Candyland.


Very little is exported from Psychonia since most items and creatures that dwell there either disappear or lose their power completely upon stepping beyond the Psychonian border. There are treasures to be had here, however, that do retain their power in other territories, such as mood rings, the Staff of Randomness, and the delicious, magical pies that take part in the great pie migration.

Lady Marina

Marina rules the seas and oceans of Druidawn. Her capital city is New Atlantis, a dome made entirely of water on a plateau under the Sarani Ocean. Her castle is the tallest building in the city, with many high narrow spires extending almost to the ceiling of the dome. It is made from various different colours of shimmering coral and adorned with shells from the ocean floor.


The décor inside the castle is primarily white and modest except for a stunning enchanted ocean mural on the ceiling of the great hall which depicts Marina’s family tree that stretches from her most distant ancestors to her own children, some of whom she has outlived. When members of her family die or return to their element, their image fades into the ocean on the mural until they can only barely be distinguished from the painted waves. Attached to her private quarters is a balcony from which she can easily dive into the ocean to swim in the water surrounding the city.


All of the creatures of the ocean are under her protection and are not to be hunted. The punishments for hunting protected creatures in her territory are severe, including long periods of imprisonment and, in extremely rare and particularly brutal cases, execution.


She also oversees the running of the cryllicon mines. They remain under heavy guard at all times as cryllicon is the strongest and most valuable metal on Druidawn and its trade provides much of the income for her kingdom. In the future, she hopes to construct a second underwater city called New Lumeria in the cooler seas of the northern hemisphere of Druidawn. 

Lord Raytor

Raytor is the ruler of The Swamps of Decay and later in the Age of Revolution, Metamorphia. One of his three abodes is located inside of Hades’ Portal (a window to another dimension found inside a massive cave) where it is always dark and scary. Raytor’s castle is made of dark grey stone and black iron. The drawbridge into the castle is shaped like a giant scull, and the parapets and balconies are always packed with armored guards such as trolls, ghouls, werewolves, vampires, skeletons, zombies, living gargoyles, goblins, etc.  Inside his maze-like castle is gothic extravagance including tapestries, stolen treasures, lots of red velvet furniture, and stained glass. Raytor is also the guardian of the Hall of Mirrors, which is a gift from Hades himself. It is literally a hall of mirrors that will show you any place or anyone you ask to see, and it can only be blocked by the highest level magics. It’s the perfect spying tool. Also located at the back of Hades’ Portal is one of the three gateways on Druidawn to the Underworld and the River Styx.

Raytor’s Keep, his second home, is located centrally in the Swamps of Decay. It is almost a mirror duplicate of his castle in Hades’ Portal, minus the elaborate skull drawbridge and the ravenous hell hounds. This drab looking, stone castle is where the Warlock holds a majority of his shindigs and private gatherings. Though the interior of his home might be lacking in exquisite comforts and lavish decorations, his wild, partying lifestyle makes up for his lack of indulgence in materialistic comforts.

Raytor’s Reach is where his third and final abode can be found. Situated on the eastern edge of the Swamps of Decay and overlooking the ocean, this manor house boasts acres of land and hides many secrets. Raytor built this dwelling with the intentions of retreating to the coast to escape the demands of his overlordship and the stench of death that constantly surrounds his castle. His brother, Mort, also tends to visit the Reach under the scrutinizing eye of Raytor’s head lich, Meic. The exterior walls are stone with dark wood windows that each hold tinted glass. The grounds are magically protected by an ancient Wizard, Allinon, who keeps out unwanted visitors, be they marauders, thieves or rival threats.

There are very few exports from the Swamps of Decay other than objects and magics that would be of use to necromancers and other dark magic users. But there are some potions and herbs that are unique to the area and sometimes obtained by merchants who are brave enough to venture into the forest to gather the specialized items.

Lady Riann

Riann rules the vast Zevaar Desert in the southern region of Botania. This territory is incredibly hostile and there are many dangers within the scorching desert, including sandhogs, roller snakes and scorspiders, which may be encountered if you are bold enough to wander the sandy dunes. There are several small towns, but they are mostly scattered along the eastern edges of the continent close to the busy Zevaar Seaport or Mizra Seaport, both of which are frequented often by traders, explorers and the occasional daring pirates. Lady Riann often has to defend her territory from the increasing onslaught of pirate attacks.

Fawnskin Valley is the closest town to Riann’s kingdom. It lies south of the gates that surround her castle. It has a large market, which is held every week and draws explorers and diehard traders to the region. Riann’s kingdom is called Anubia after the Egyptian god Anubis, and there are some pyramids in honour of the Egyptian deities on the west side of the kingdom. From a distance and from above, it is particularly difficult to see her castle. The three-story sand-coloured stone building blends in well with the desert scene, camouflaging it from unfriendly eyes, and its flat roofs aid its difficult discovery. There is a stronghold of Fire Elemental guards at each guardhouse on entry into Riann’s castle. Typically, next to the guardhouse, a small group of dark red desert dragons can be found, but these are not your typical dinosaur-like desert dragons; these are unique. They not only breathe fire, but fly too, and will thwart any escape attempts. Just inside her castle’s strong gates, a dry, dusty courtyard devoid of any flowers, grass, and decorative bushes spans the area, but there is a gigantic, circular, fire-breathing dragon fountain, which is something to be marvelled at.

Venturing inside Lady Riann’s castle is incredibly risky especially if your intentions are hostile and disingenuous as it is heavily guarded at all times. Every single archway or entrance to and from her castle is guarded by two stationary Fire Elemental soldiers. There are four lookout/guard towers in the four corners of the castle grounds, and they stand some eighty-feet-high, providing an excellent vantage point to any oncoming threats of violence against the Zevaarian overlord. The perimeter wall itself is sturdy and impenetrable and there are soldiers posted on all sides. It is also sand coloured and terribly difficult to see from a distance, as it blends in with the barren desert which surrounds it. There is an arena to the west and training grounds to the east. Once a year, Lady Riann holds her famous Zevaar Tournament Games within her arena, which becomes home to thousands of brave warriors and fighters from all regions of Druidawn. At the rear of the kingdom, a vast row of dragon stables can be found.

Riann’s second story suite faces east so she can watch the sunrise and feel the warmth of the day as it fills her bedroom. She also spends a lot of time on her balcony basking in the glorious sunshine and enjoying the roiling sand dunes of the Zevaar Desert. The interior of her castle is modest, but tasteful with lightly coloured cream and pastel yellow walls contrasted with various shades of red, filling the hallways and rooms. There are many decorations in the hallways, particularly in her sitting room and great hall. Some of these paintings were created by her good friend, Aeron. Personally commissioned tapestries of her dragons and famous scarlet ravens line many of the walls, especially in the castle entryway. Lady Riann cannot bathe in water, so she sees no reason to have a bath in her adjoining room, but her guest suites are fitted with marble-finished baths.

The Zevaar desert primarily exports metal ore that is mined from beneath the sand dunes. All different kinds of metal can be found in Zevaar, including copper, brass, iron, silver and various grades of steal. Coveted suits of armour and hand-crafted weapons are also popular exports from this sparsely populated land.

Lord Tibarios

Tibarios rules the mostly deserted Frozen North. Except for the harsh Arctic Elves in Winternesse, the sprinkling of Eskimos, the famous snow dragons (whose shedded hair can be woven to create dragon silk) and the various other animal life forms (such as polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins, seals, and giant rocs) found in the Frozen North, very little can survive there. Tibarios’ castle, in Ayrne City, looks like a Russian ice palace on the outside (with Hershey Kiss-shaped roofs and towers). It blends in perfectly with the environment and is hard to see from even a short distance away. Very few guards protect the palace on the outside because the elements are too harsh for men to stand outside for long. But snow dragons keep a watchful eye on things, and Tibarios is a powerful Wizard who has cast a protective spell around the palace to repel intruders.


Inside the castle is a completely different story from the frozen world around it. The interior is made entirely of rich, polished woods of various shades. Every inch of the warm inviting walls has been carved by Tibarios’ own hand. He does this as a hobby, and his three-dimensional wood carvings of animals, places, and people are beyond compare in their detail and beauty. Huge fires roar in stone-encased fire places, and rooms are decorated in a rustic, comfortable style with beautiful hand-carved furniture.

Lady Uriell

Uriell rules all of upper Botania, which is mostly forested and tropical. Her kingdom is called New Athens and it is largely populated by Amazons who patrol and protect the kingdom as well as young women who are training to be priestesses of the mystical arts and healers. Tucked away in a jungle paradise, Uriell’s castle is made of grey stone and wood and it has lots of flowering ivy growing up along the outside. Inside this amazing sanctuary is a small, soothing stream that flows right through the middle of the castle, and the floors are made of naturally growing grass that is very soft to the touch. Nature is everywhere you look, from the exotic birds and monkeys that make their homes in the window sills to the trickling fountains and peaceful gardens inside and out. Guest rooms are made to be luxurious and comforting, with small waterfalls and rock-lined swimming pools and large, clean beds. In the back of the castle, just behind Uriell’s secret garden where she keeps her most exotic plants and herbs, is a large waterfall that pools into a lagoon surrounded by massive tropical flowers. Healing hot springs also sprinkle the land near the palace.


Also occupying Upper Botania is a host of mythological Greek relics and places left behind by the Druids, such as the Labyrinth, the Argonaut Ruins, Dragon’s Lair, and Centaur Village. Botania’s primary exports are medicines, healers and seers for hire, and exotic plants, animals and fruits.

Lord Vanderis


Vanderis is the ruler of the vast land of Metamorphia, which includes many villages, kingdoms and landmarks such as Giant’s Mountains, Mt. Karlowyn, Chrystalynmal Lake, The Caves of Twilight, Death Forest, the Artyn Forest, the Forest of Teryeim, Tronos Jungle, Troll Hills, and the cities of Kenesia, Arlinya, Tyrus, Edgewood, Dissenter Kingdom, and Technic City (underground).


The capitol city of Metamorphia is called Edifice Verus, designed after the Roman Empire, with white marble walkways and buildings, pillars, and statues dedicated to the Druids. Extravagant wealth beyond reason is displayed in elaborate tapestries, paintings, original works of art, gorgeous architecture, colourfully decorated walls, domes and tall archways, fountains, perfectly manicured gardens, and a massive Roman-style palace in the centre. There are aqueducts, running water, and public bath houses all through the city. Everything in Edifice Verus (and everyone there) is clean and neat, and people wear fancy togas, draping clothes and fine fabrics. Famous exports from Edifice Verus include finely made weapons, many kinds of grain, potatoes and vegetables, potions, magics and magical items, armour and metal craft items.


Despite the numerous cities, towns, and forests in Metamorphia, it’s such a large territory that the spaces between landmarks is vast and filled with mostly vacant plains, mountains, unnamed forests, rivers, and specks of smaller civilizations.