A generally happy, intelligent race, Giants are approximately ten to fifteen-foot-tall, bulky Dyadens who will gladly trade their services for a story, riddle, or song that amuses them or sharpens their intelligence. They crave learning, knowledge, new food, and good wine above all else. The Giants who live in Psychonia drink magic water from a spring that runs through their mountain in order to maintain their sanity. The magic water makes their eyes shine bright red, and heightens their long-distance vision, although their hearing is poor by human standards.

Giants are found in most of the other continents as well, though they always live in their own secluded villages. They seldom travel outside their home territories but are happy to greet friendly travelers from other lands, and will share their magic water, food, and stories with anyone in need. All Giants possess a sonic cry that can shock an enemy into paralysis. Like Elves, the Giants have a rich culture filled with rituals, traditions, and celebrations.



These tiny one to two-foot-tall beings are close relatives of the Dwarves. They have the same slightly rotund body type, and they too live in caves. There are many jokes that pass between the two races as time has distanced them and their traditions.


The Gnomes’ most prized location in their labyrinth-like caves, is the “Garden Cavern,” where they grow the precious food they live on. They are vegetarians, and the Garden Cavern is their only source of sustenance. They grow a great number of huge mushrooms that are exported throughout the land as a delicacy. The mushrooms are especially popular with the overlord Jallora, who uses them when entertaining guests. The Garden Cavern is hidden in a hollow volcano, where the sides are so steep that no one can climb them. The top of the cavern is covered with a protective shield of illusion, so flying creatures cannot locate it.


The Gnomes’ greatest weakness is their fear of trolls. At the sight of a troll, a Gnome will become paralyzed with fear and make himself an easy target. Luckily, Gnomes are so small, that most trolls prefer not to waste their time with them.


These ugly, bulbous creatures are about three times the size of an average human, though not as large as trolls, and have an excessive amount of body hair. Druidawn’s first Ogres, the Argonaut Clan, lived in northwest Botania near the Artyn Forest.


Long ago a disease attacked their society and they were forced to abandon their home and migrate to the planes of Desira where modern Ogres still reside. Their long-deserted home is now known as the Argonaut Ruins. Despite their fearsome appearance, Ogres are very gentle, civilized creatures that have a natural talent for training dragons. They will protect their homesteads if threatened, but they prefer to live peacefully. They are vegetarians and use meat only to feed the dragons that have chosen to be their companions.


Ogre society requires males to keep their large noses covered at all times. They wear intricate nose pieces connected to headbands. Their rank in society is displayed in their nose jewellery. The lowest ranked Ogres wear cloth nose pieces. The higher ranked males wear wood, then bronze, silver, and the high chief wears a nose piece made of solid cryllicon.


 These eight to nine feet tall, greenish, obnoxious monsters are so unintelligent that they could be up to their waists in snow and die of thirst. They have fat bodies with huge noses, and fat fingers. They drool and pick their noses and are extremely greedy.


They mine caves for gold and jewels and are quite easy to cheat in a trade because of their low brainpower. Trolls eat anything, and especially love to roast Dwarves over an open fire.


Male trolls are usually attracted to halfling females, but their horrid scent, which lingers wherever they go, and their sheer ugliness, makes women despise them. All trolls hate each other, almost as much as they hate water (the very thought of bathing fills them with dread).


They live and travel alone, except during mating season when they have no choice in the matter. Mothers tend to abandon their children as soon as the young trolls are old enough to fend for themselves.