Shadow Realm Creatures


Bats are not like your typical Vampire or fruit bats. They are much, much larger and in colonies, extremely hard to fend off! If they were to stand, they would range in height from five to six feet tall.


Though their body is proportionate, they appear more like humanoid figures with large, strong wings. Their heads are big, their hollow eye sockets often hide their creepy peepers, but when seen they are bright yellow and incredibly haunting. Though their arms are connected to their wings they have razor sharp talons that can pierce and infect a victim. The creatures of the Shadow Realm spread nasty, degenerative diseases.

Demonic Canines


Demonic Canines are savage beasts, which guard the outer ground of Lord Sark’s castle. They are larger than dogs and stand four feet from the ground. They have strong back legs, which can propel them quickly, sometimes reaching speeds in excess of 40 mph.

Psionic Ghosts


Psionic Ghosts are chaotic beings. Whether it be a traveller or a shadow creature the Psionic ghosts latch on and cause absolute chaos.

Shadow Assassin Beetle

Shadow Assassin Beetle might sound somewhat ridiculous, but upon entering the Shadow Realm they emerge as a real-life threat.


If one is not familiar with the altering surroundings and their willpower and metal strength is on the weak side, then there is a definite chance that these tiny predators will be missed or overlooked as something insignificant. Ranging in size from a small to medium size gem, these small, but effective beetles

Shadow Imps


Dark and transparent, these nasty little imps move through the shadows and are difficult to detect. When passing through, several Shadow Knights have caught a fleeting glimpse of these petit nuisances. They are grotesque, with thinning skin and protruding bones. They have sharp talons and small wings, which allows them to be quite nippy.


Like their sister and brother species on Druidawn, they are pranksters, but Shadow Imps tend to turn the heat up a notch or two and not in a fun jovial way. When pursuing a target, they only need a few seconds to match their preys speed. Their wings grant them extra maneuverability and as they follow in their victim’s slipstream, they pick up the extra speed needed to attack them.


Their sharp talons shred their victims allowing the decaying air to

Shadow Slayers

These beings move through the realm without making a sound. They have no physical form but can take the shape of anything they put their incredibly powerful consciousness into. They are connected to all the Shadow Realm’s creatures and can appear instantaneously.


They feed in all those that should not be present within the Shadow Realm. They feed on the traveller’s essence/spirit and once consumed, the victim cannot move on to Hades Portal. Their soul is forever lost.


Like Shadow Imps, they can hitchhike to Druidawn, and though they cannot sustain their presence there, they can be there long enough to claim several souls and prohibit them from passing on naturally to Hades Portal and Lilith’s Mirror.


Passing through Shadow Knights, beware!    


Tryrexis are Shadow creatures. They are invisible in both realms and this is the reason why the Dyadens have never had a good fighting chance against them.

They are twelve feet tall, have four legs and stand upright. They also have two arm appendages.

The Tryrexis exhales poisonous substance that attacks the nervous system. They have elongated faces and two long lines on their nose for nostrils.  Their skin is brown and leathery and their bone structure can be seen protruding from under their skin. They are gaunt, but all muscle and bone.

They can punch and fight in a physical sense while being invisible, and they can exhale the toxic gas. They are not weak to magical attacks.

Sark and Malikaar are the only ones who can control these aggressive creatures and know how to defeat them.