Student Stories

Welcome to our Druidawn student stories. We decided to separate them into age-appropriate ratings.

Rated G: Everyone can read

Rated PG: May contain some violence, scary descriptions or mild romance.

Rated PG-13: May contain violence, some swear words, and romantic relationships.

All stories must include content warnings upon submission. If you're not sure if you're allowed to read certain material, ask your parents before reading!

If you'd like to submit a story to us for publishing, make sure it's not shorter than 250 words or longer than 2000 words (which would be published in two parts). We accept typed documents only. Illustrations to go with your stories are welcome and encouraged! Your story must have an ending before we consider publishing it. Your story topic can be anything. It does not have to take place on Druidawn®. Make sure you add your content warning, your name and your age to your submission and email it to:


We do not offer pay for stories that are submitted to our website. Your only payment will be fame among your peers! :-)