The world of Druidawn is a interesting and complicated realm and I will do my best to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information.

      My name is Reginald Oxley and I am a mage serving under Ascended Master Wolvin at the Caverns of Aquarius. It is my endeavour to document all the important events that have occured on our planet since the Age of Creation right up to our current period, the Age of Revolution.

Age of Creation

Chaotic times on earth ensured that life would not continue for every living being.

During this cruicial time, the Druids began terra-forming an ice world to become the planet it is known today. Once the Druids had finished terra-forming, Druidawn became habitable.

Overseen by the ruling gods and goddesses of old earth, the next phase of the planet commenced. The Druids in their high tech spacecrafts arrived on the surface and began constructing settlements over five continents, leaving the other side of the planet undevelped for a later time.

The five contients were eventually named, Araithia, Botania, Desira, The Frozen North and Metamorphia. Once the small settlements were established, the Druids awakened the races, mystical creatures and animals from stasis and so began the Age of Creation.



After they had terra-formed Druidawn and watched life on the planet begin to flourish without the threat of generation of damaging wars and deadly technological advancements, it was time for them to leave. The council of Druids unanimously agreed to leave one of their own behind. A Druid to oversee all of Druidawn and its inhabitants and to act as a preemtive deterent in case war, disease or other destrcutive forces should take their planet. And so, Morpheus the god of sleep or the Sleeping Guardian as he is affectionalely known by thanks to the Druidonians, remained behind. 

Hundreds and hundreds and of years passed without incident and it wasn't until the Sleeping Guardian's floating kingdom passed over Psychonia at the exact moment when an intense eruption of energy from the portal chaos, which released the overlord shards from their protective chamber, became the catalyst for a number of consecutive events.

Age of Fire

 The Age of Fire is one of the most grusome aeons in all of Druidawn's colourful history. 

Queen Lysandra kicked off the Age of Fire with a string of horrendous killings, starting with her own son to demonstrate her malicious, petty point about keeping the bloodlines pure.

From that moment on, the Elves retaliated and hit the Elementals hard, assassinating Queen Lysandra while she journey to the capital to further her cause against inter-racial relationship.


Age of Order

 The Age of Order brought about Druidawn's quietest and most peaceful period right up until its final five years.


After the terrible Age of Fire had to come to its grissly conclusion, the Sleeping Guardian brought about the time of the overlords. Ten indiviudals, all descendants from the Druids, specifically selected for their strength, perception, intution, resilliance, determination and obediance to maintain order in their governing territories. Many Druidonians battled for this presitgious position, competing against one another in numerous trials and overcoming hurdles to become one of the ten chosen overlords. And so after almost a year of tremendous physical and mental perseverance, ten were ultimately selected: 

Lord Aeron became the overlord of the Burgean Mountains.

Lady Bethevan the overseer of Araithia. 

Lady Jallora the ruler of Desira.

Lord Kulaan the overlord of  Psychonia.

Lady Marina the overseer of  New Atlantis.

Lord Raytor became the ruler of the Swamps of Decay.

Lady Riann the overlord of the Zevaar Desert.

Lord Tibarios the overseer of the Frozen North.

Lord Uriell the ruler of Botania.

Lord Vanderis the overlord of Metamorphia.

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