Unique Animals


Here you will find a list of some of the most striking indigenous animals found only on Druidawn. These anmals were never on Earth and do not fit in the mystic creaature category.

Roller Snakes

These one-hundred-foot-long, ten-foot-wide, and three-inch-thick creatures carpet the sand dunes like odd sea creatures. Their smooth, shiny bodies are the same colour as the sand they glide upon.


They are omnivorous, devouring anything in their path, but the slightest touch of water on their skin causes them to curl up like rolled rugs. Those who know better would never journey across the Zevaar Desert on foot without plenty of water to throw on the path before them as they walk.


Roller snakes can also hide just below the surface of the sand, and the only way to detect their presence is to sprinkle water on the path ahead.


Sandhogs, which are about two-foot-long, ten inches wide and just under a foot in height. They can burrow deep under the desert surface to find tiny veins of water and sometimes prey on new-born roller snakes when their parents have left the nest to find food.


They seem to inhabit the sparse plant life that can be found in the Zevaar Desert.


When under attack, the sandhog will release its spikes, which are poisonous to most life and burn profusely once the skin is penetrated. An anti-dote will need to be administered before death occurs. You will have five hours before your muscles seize up and your organs start to shut down.


Scorspiders are a mixed breed of carnivorous scorpions and spiders. They are sand coloured and they can camouflage themselves well against the desert dunes to prey on unsuspecting Dyadens and sometimes roller snakes.


They range in size and have been known to reach as big as fifteen ft. in circumference, but this depends on how well they feed in the desert.


Just like a scorpion the scorspider has a metasoma with poisonous venom glands and the stinger on the back of the abdomen. The scorspider has ten eyes, which provides acute vision. There are six eyes at the front and four hidden in various places on the scorspiders body providing very acute vision. The mandibles or jaws help the scorspider obtain food and its bite will paralyze the victims’ body, so that it doesn't move as the scorspider feeds.