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Welcome to the
World of Druidawn


For Students

Students of Druidawn®, past and present, this is your gateway into the world you know and love. Here you can learn all about the history, people, creatures, and territories of Druidawn®. Converse with fellow players, get your character added to the Druidawn® Hall of Fame, and much more in the locked pages of this website.

Email us for membership access:

Druidawn® students click below for your gateway into the magical world of Druidawn®!

For Teachers
and Parents


In this site you will find helpful articles on unique learning styles, vision therapy, how to improve your fiction writing, how to write stronger essays, how to work with anxiety in children and so much more.  You'll also find information about our creative writing clubs, tutoring services and publishing projects.


Druidawn® Academy, our 501(c)(3) scholarship program is discussed in detail including our short range and long range goals as a company dedicated to serving the literacy needs of students from all socio-economic backgrounds regardless of their ability to pay.  


Have a browse through the Parents and Teachers section of our website for over 50 pages of helpful information!  


Legends of Druidawn®, is an interactive fantasy role-playing game that encourages reluctant writers to get words on paper by creating characters that move up levels based on how much they write.  Legends of Druidawn® reintroduces the lost art of verbal storytelling to a generation that desperately needs this method of expression as a learning and motivational tool.  The results have been immediate and nothing short of astounding (see parent testimonials). 

Click below to register for creative writing clubs, tutoring and our exciting summer workshops in the Parents and Teachers Section of this website!

Spotlight Product



A Writing and Talking Improv Party Game 


It's finally here!

Our newest creative interaction game!

Great for parties, traveling, home-schooling, and classroom settings.


Can be played with 3-12 or more people and is appropriate for ages 8+. Speculation is challenging to the imagination yet incredibly simple to learn and play.  Your purchase of $25.00 + US postage includes game book, two game notepads,

and four custom pencils.

Speculation is a fund-raising project to help our Druidawn Academy Scholarship Fund. 50% of the profits raised by this game will go to pay for students who wish to participate in Druidawn but are unable to afford our services, as well as teacher training as we expand our staff to accommodate these new students.

Order your copy here!

NOTE: Quoted postage is for the US only. We can mail to other countries for an extra fee. Email us to find out the fee to add.

Spotlight Picture

Druidawn Rose Dragon Logo[2076]_edited.jpg

Druidawn Academy is our 501(C)(3) nonprofit scholarship fund to help students who are disadvantaged and otherwise unable to pay for our services. Our ultimate goal is to serve as many students as we can regardless of their socio-econonic status.


Please see Druidawn Academy in the Parents and Teachers Section of this website for more information. If you'd like to donate to our cause, click the button below. 100% of your donation will be given in the form of a scholarship to a student in need, and you'll receive a thank-you message directly from the child you have helped.  Thank you for your generosity!

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