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What Is Druidawn®?

Druidawn® is a highly developed fantasy world far from Earth where all non-human creatures live safely outside of the destructive reaches of humans. It’s a place locked in time and secluded from other planets, protected by a powerful Druid called the Sleeping Guardian.


The Druidawn® game is a role-playing game that utilizes character sheets, dice and maps in order to take students through imaginary quests directed by a teacher or “Legend Guardian.” Druidawn® is very different from D&D in that it’s much more narrative-based, and players level-up their game characters with the words that they write in their stories. Students learn how to structure and write stories of their own while playing through our story-adventures. 


Druidawn® was created by Miriam Darnell, M.Ed, in 1990 as a means of motivating students to overcome writing reluctance. Over the past 32 years, the Druidawn® team has helped thousands of students to find a love of writing and has created supportive communities for advanced writers and creative minds.

NOTE: We highly value the cultural/ethnic/gender/sexual/learning/etc. diversity of ALL of our students, and we honor the ways they choose to express themselves within the expectations of the content ratings of the workshops they participate in.

For information about this and our other programs, please email us at:

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